Rural Rendezvous Sites

Rural Rendezvous Sites

Rural Rendezvous a self guided tour for all ages
Take the Rural Rendezvous guide map to discover the treasures found that surround Onoway and area West of Edmonton . Enjoy your Rural Rendezvous experience - choose a special event day or connect with
our members during their regular operating hours or
by appointment....

You choose where to go and which route to take – it’s your time to ‘rendezvous’ in the countryside!

Plan a Garden Rendezvous Tour. Spend the day browsing the greenhouses filled with all manner of blooms and herbs. Wander historic and demonstration gardens, even eat a flower! Sample herbal teas and get expert advice on your garden plans for this summer.

Make it a Family Rendezvous Farm Tour. You can see warm & fuzzy alpacas, adventure out on horseback or a hay ride, or walk with nature and encounter birds or wildlife.

Go ahead and arrange a Treasure Hunting Rendezvous Tour, do artisan, visit an alternative livestock farm, find amazing antiques, find fresh produce, hand-crafted items, personal or gift shopping in one-of-a-kind country stores or an artist’s studio. Then learn about the history of Onoway at the Onoway Museum.

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